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Sarah Farah
is a Student of the Arts
and Mysticism, of Earth and Beyond…

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I am what Daniel Quinn calls a “Giver”. I give my synthesis of this mysterious mess we call Life in the forms of painting, photography, and writing to do my part in fulfilling a collective dream to make the world a better place for all to enjoy participating in.  I give because the creative fire within me quite literally burns me if I do not give. I give for the greatest good of all concerned. I give, in part, because I have no choice. With age comes wisdom; with wisdom comes freedom in knowing one has no choice but to give. To take and hoard is to constrain breath, suffocate from lack of flow and to die of asphyxiation. To give and share is to inhale and exhale with harmonious breath, over and over, and to die of having lived freely.

Giving is liberation from suffering. Giving is life-giving, life-nurturing, life-expanding.
Giving is receiving. They are, in fact, one and the same.

This website is a brief map of my soul and the history of my offerings to the dream-vision I hold sacred, personal and universal.

What are you dreamweaving into being in this endless continuum of light and space?

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Seed Transmission by Sarah Farah
Seed Transmission, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″ ©2015 Sarah Farah

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last updated 7 January 2017

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last updated 7 January 2017



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About this Dreamweaver

Sarah Farah is a creative; a painter, photographer, writer, mystic, yogini,
and most importantly, an emissary of rad vibes.

What if Art is a doorway to greater experience and perception of oneself and of life? What if different Artists create different Doorways to step through and engage the observer with new ways of being?

To me, “art” is a fantastically decorated metaphor for the exquisite magic that is life itself.

And life, wonderful as it can be, is utterly meaningless without a way to mindfully peer into the inner dimensions with that thing we call in-sight. Art illuminates the way inward, transcends the throttle of time, creates a vehicle for universal language to penetrate the stubborn mind and inspires transformation in the observer.

I believe the depth at which one resonates with a work of art, a composition of music or any given life experience is in direct proportion to the depth of ones capacity to communicate with divinity – or that which transcends consensus reality and affects an unshakable knowingness in the subject. I believe that, for most artists, the artifacts of divinity we manifest are but afterthoughts to the real creative process at hand. All we are really doing is what we must in order to continue being finely tuned to all that is so that we may continue to serve life as a whole in a positive way.

The art I create is my attempt at bridging the experience of my inner world with the sensory-driven outer world.

The filters which refine the way I see and play with life have evolved from and continue to be influenced by ongoing studies of ancient philosophy, mysticism, etymology and linguistics, psychedelics, metaphors and symbolism, meditation, yoga, and adventurous globetrotting. Artfully creating is part of my yogic path of being harmonious with All That Is. The visual feedback, the artifacts that result from this process are very much like a recording of my conversation with the endless luminescent light one might call “god.”

Everything I create I offer to you, to life itself, in service to the mission of eradicating suffering by awakening the unconscious in all ways possible and all ways miraculous. I am part of a global network of visionaries of all crafts and skillsets, known yet largely unknown, whose sole mission in this life essentially is to elevate society and humanity’s interaction with life on earth by intentionally spreading radically harmonious vibes through our day-to-day efforts and the things we labor over . We are being the change we wish to see in the world and inspiring others to do the same. These are incredibly exciting times to be alive!


Paint Slingin’
Painting helps me make sense of the endless dimensions of spirit and sometimes channel from the collective unconscious while exploring the dark aspects of human life, the light, balance (unity), and as far beyond as I can reach. As an individual, I have a strong desire to transcend the limitations of linear expression. Painting satisfies my spiritual desire to map out the eternally changing nature of life as witnessed by the eternally unchanging nature of being. I am a visionary artist in the process of devoting myself to the ancient medium of transcendent storytelling that is painting.

I intend to set up an online shop with prints of my paintings and photography by 2018.

I love photography for its technological ability to easily map the visible spectrum of light. Capturing photons is fucking fascinating from a technological standpoint to the end result. As a fine art photographer, I revel in shooting surrealist multiple exposures both in camera and in post-processing. Landscapes, ethereal portraits and fine art nudes tend to be my forte with single exposure photos, where post-processing is kept to a minimum as the Zen in me likes to keep images true to form. Commercial work happens – and if you found this site through a artistic or commercial reference, I invite you to send me a message via the contact form. I would be delighted to discuss collaborations and work possibilities with you!

Commercially, I would love to do more architectural photography, festival photography and tattoo related photography. I have tons of experience shooting events such as arts and music festivals, tattoo conventions, corporate parties, private parties, holiday parties and, as a second shooter, weddings. You can see some of my work at SmugMug.

Digital Roots
I hail from the era of the digital underground from Garland, Texas, the largest suburb of Dallas and the source of inspiration for satire extraordinaire Mike Judge’s infamous cartoons Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill. These weren’t just cartoons; they were realities being played out in my crazy hood!

Some of the most important sources of inspirations for me were summers spent outdoors from daybreak until my mother would yell for me to come home at night, then from 1999 onward, a youth spent on IRC, ICQ, AIM and LiveJournal endlessly dialoging through the night with brilliant people from all over the world on cognitive activism and life’s inevitable woes and wonders. Countless days and months turned to years were spent staying awake through the night hand-coding websites; researching, mining for meaning from the extraordinary living library known as the Internet while cultivating my repository of self-awareness through investigating and experimenting with the arts, sciences, theosophy, and dream travel.

The experiences and intelligence I gained through personal study and collaboration with peers met online far surpassed the meaningless garbage taught in secondary school so much that I had no choice but to tune into the knowingness within me, honor it and drop out of high school, get lost in playing catch-up on life experience beyond internet addiction and social awkwardness through finding myself again in adulthood. It has been a wild ride.

That being said, I have a love affair with the galaxy, the universe, and the spark within you that gives you life. That is why I create. The creative within me acknowledges the creative within you and the creative all around us. Namaste! Let us divine in reciprocal joy at the logically impossible chance that any of us exist, that any of us can connect as deeply and magically as we can and do; that any of us could ever come or go from this finite spinning spaceship ball we call Earth. Join me in being the change you wish to see in the world and being emissary of rad vibes. All it takes is the radical gift of your total presence… 😉

Greetings, fellow web surfer. Now that you have virtually met this I, please, continue to enjoy the ride around this sun star and, please, share your spark with others in all the ways that most excite you. That is all that really “matters”. Unsolicited recommended reading:

  •  The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten
  •  Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa
  •  The Last Abyss: an unforeseen joy by Paul and Nicole du Marchie v. V.
  •  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  •  Dao De Jing by Lao Zi
  •  Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey by Robert A. Monroe
  •  Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

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